Bright Sparks is based on an experiential approach to learning. Sessions are designed in a way that allows children to explore experiences that have personal significance to them. A flexible format gives children the freedom to respond in a variety of different ways and to influence the course of their own learning.

These workshops encourage children to engage with a wide variety of creative media and to learn and experience things in a variety of different ways. Children may experience a sensitivity to music or learn through a bodily-kinesthetic sense as they leap and dive across the room. Children represent ideas visually through drawing, painting or three dimensional constructions and draw upon linguistic abilities to communicate their ideas. These richly textured experiences encourage children to develop various aspects of their potential and to learn in ways that are most appropriate for them.

A creative art therapist facilitates this process and reflects aspects of each child’s experiencing to facilitate the development of their understanding. By communicating an attitude of acceptance and a recognition of each child’s inherent value, children develop a stronger sense of themselves as individuals.